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seller saw the figures leapin

Sweet, carrying the memory of the childhood of the village; the light, lighting the symbol of sweet memory. As a child, the magpie of sugar was confusing but unsatisfactory. The sun converges under the hills every night, and the weather naturally cools down. At this time, sit by the window and wait. When the gong rang, I knew that the warm light was waiting for me at the village entrance. I jumped out of the hut to get the indispensable sweetness of life. The burdened sugar seller saw the figures leaping under the lights, took off the chandelier on his shoulder, took over the sweaty coins in the hands of the child, knocked a few pieces of sugar, and handed them to the child, exposing the sweet I laughed so I sat down on the spot and tasted it first Marlboro Red. The taste started with sourness, but it didn't take me long to feel the sweetness of heart. The sugar lump, white-skinned, bark-skinned, wrapped in Huang Chengcheng's section, has an amber-like luster in the light. Time with flying flowers and leaves falling, diffused with yellow gentle and warm time Marlboro Lights, quietly passing by the trees and shadows under the lamp, went to junior high school, out of hometown, and out of the soft light of memory. No more burdensome, no more sweetness. Even if you pass by the candy store, there will be no pause. One day when I walked out of the school gate, I suddenly heard the sound of gongs in the alley. It seemed to wake me from my dream. I ran to the light. The old man took the banknotes and knocked down a piece of sugar weakly. . After I got on the bus, I took a bite, but I only tasted the sour taste. In the hustle and bustle of the city, this simple sweetness has long since disappeared Carton Of Cigarettes. Turn around. I can't see the sugar seller, I just see it faintly light.
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