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what happened? My m

In the adult's world, as if they knew everything. In fact, in the eyes of children, adults do not understand them. Walking in the woods in the community, wearing headphones, listening to the old song "Actually you don't understand my heart", you said that I am like a cloud, but you don't understand my heart. As if what happened just now repeats itself again. I walked into the room and felt a little strange in the room. It was no longer so peaceful. I even smelled a sense of crisis. I hurried to the drawer and opened the drawer to find my diary suddenly disappeared. I looked up at the table, and I seemed to understand something. I stepped into the living room with a look of anger and asked my mother: Mom, have you ever entered my room? Yeah, what happened? My mother looked at me in confusion. Why did you enter my room! I didn't seem to be able to control myself, and I was angry with my mother. What happened to my room. Mother seemed to know and then said: I went into your room to see your diary for your good. Mom, how can you do that Cigarettes For Sale, it ��s against the law for you to do this abroad. Ca n��t I have my own privacy and my own little secret? At that moment I was completely enraged. Mom seemed angry and walked back to the room. You do n��t understand my heart; you say that I ca n��t see clearly like a mystery Parliament Cigarettes. In fact, I never care about hiding my true heart. Sometimes, when you think you know, you understand, in the small world of others, you do n��t got it. Often contradictions will resolve as long as we all think for others.
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