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How to Use JamTaba to jam in Ninjam

How to Use JamTaba to jam in Ninjam

Why hello there everyone, you probably know the reason why you clicked in this thread and that's because you want to know how to jam in Ninjam and how to set up JamTaba.

The requirements is as followed below:

  • There are no requirements on which O.S. you use, unless if it's not older than Windows XP, then you're fine
  • Must have at least a minimum of 2GB ram, but recommended is 4GB ram
  • Dual Core Intel Processor or any processor that's dual core
  • ASIO Device / Audio Interface (or just get ASIO4ALL)
  • Internet Speeds of 15mbps d/u or higher
If you got the requirements down, you are probably good to go and ready to proceed with the steps.

  1. Go to an click on the Download Tab to continue.
    [Image: 721fe328dd41c89426a7bda18c7e51b0.png]
  2. Click on your Operating System of the following
    [Image: 31411b277674fa719d98d17cd5c881eb.png]
  3. Now that you clicked download that is compatible for your Operating System, 35.9MB of data will be downloaded
  4. I hope you have permission to install JamTaba, if so, just click on yes. 
  5. When the install wizard pops up, just click on next all the way through. 
    You might have some VST's in a different folder, if that's the case, please change your VST path to match with your current path. 
  6. Installing......Completed. Just click on "Finish" now with the "Launch JamTaba" clicked.
    [Image: a8aecd388605c98b96324a924213f46c.png]
  7. Here's a little preview of JamTaba. 
    [Image: 0b4811fc1388cc4246ea7cc1e160f6d1.png]
  8. Go to Preferences > Audio and make sure your Audio Interface is set, and also set the buffering to your likings. 
    [Image: 9a71c758869d1d9ae548124b90b18361.png]
  9. Wow, now you're done setting up now. All you need to do is go to Ninjam > "Connect to Private Server ..." and copy what's shown in the URL and port:
    [Image: 94d20e79257929aad6d792ba1855e221.png]

    Edit: However, since I've talked to Justin Frankel to add the server to the Ninjam Serverlist, our server should be on the front page of JamTaba or ReaNinjam in Reaper, so you don't need to worry about the above snippet. 

  10. Push OK and you are connected. yey.
Congratulations, now you are jamming with other people now in the DOJC Ninjam Server  Big Grin

If you need any questions, please send me a DM in discord or the other mods/admins/h-admins, or just send me a PM in the forums and I'll try to get back at you at my free time

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