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staff application

Discord Name: sT3AdY

Age (if you're comfortable with sharing that information): 15 1/2

How long have been in the Discord server (DOJC) and/or the website? since March 6th, 2018.

Why are you interested in being staff? Because I feel that people removing inappropriate names and not nude profile pictures is kind of messed up, and I would like to change that. There is literally someone with a butt and vagina as their profile picture, but I get in trouble because my nickname is Imma Pimp Slap Yo Ass. I'd also like to remove the toxicity from the server. Not abuse my powers, but use them.

Have you had previous experience as a moderator or admin on any server? Yes, in a ROBLOX group.

On a scale of 1 - 10 how mature are you? Can you explain your level of maturity? When I'm just goofing off with friends 1, but when I'm being completely serious in a situation probably a 9 or 10.

What would you do in a situation of server/website spam or raid? You make a bigger raid to make that raid look smaller, and if that doesn't work then you communication ban the people doing it or ask them to go into the spam channel. If we're being raided, I'd probably ask some admins if banning them is the right thing to do.

How would you handle this scenario?
"You have 3 individuals arguing about the server rules. One individual is excessively cursing, bringing one of the individuals down. Another is clearly trolling. The last is 100% accurate with the server rules."
Explain the steps you would take to deal with this situation.
I'd probably give the one bullying a warning, because that's clearly messed up. I'd cheer the other one up that is being bullied by singing (not really singing, just screeching) and I'd thank the third one for explaining the rules to the other two.

Wow you're a dick to my staff
[Image: 0a024b5187c699b973bf1929c94ecf9b.png]
1: Based entirely on personal experience, you suck as a whole. You ain't fit for staff, and your application is weak. Nothing i've seen you do when i'm around you seemed remotely productive, and it was just annoying in general. I sincerely hope this application was a joke.

EDIT: Dropped it to a one because you're an asshole.
Your app looks like your'e toxic for staff , also that you would abuse your perms, and you show in your example of taking care of a raid, that you would make it worse.


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