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Staff Application Information

Your staff application will be graded on a 1-5 grading scheme. The following is an overlay of how the scheme will work: 

1: You are not fit for staff (There could be many reasons for this. E.G. You didn't fill all the information we need, or your time frame in the server does not meet our standards.)
2: You are somewhat not fit for staff (You will need to work on being more active in the community and show leadership skills.)
3: You are neutral for staff (E.G. there's a possibility that you're not active enough in our community.)
4: You are fit for staff
5: You are ideally a perfect fit for staff

As we organize staff, your score is average on how many current staffs grade your posts. We will accept you on the following:

1-2: Chances are low that you'll get staff at this current time.
3: It is being discussed among the staff.  
4-5: You have a high chance of being staff.

Needless to say, there are many factors that can influence our decision on you becoming staff. Being active and a good leader is a good start before applying for staff.
    DOJC Moderator
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