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staff application

Discord Name: DankPW

Age (if you're comfortable with sharing that information): 22 (23 on the 24th this month)

How long have been in Discord and/or the website? since at least early 2016

Why are you interested in being staff? I have been a staff member of big servers, like 700+ish I believe. the only reason why im not a mod in those servers anymore is because i quit the game the servers were themed off of to dive back into just my music career, so I didn't have any reason to be active there anymore.  I just saw the ad and know that I got a lot of time in my hands right now and thought it might be fun, also I'm very active on discord so I know that I would be able to mod a server. Not to mention I think I have some good experience and know how to work the settings pretty well.

Have you had previous experience as a moderator or admin on any server?

On a scale of 1 - 10 how mature are you? Can you explain your level of maturity?
depends what u mean by mature..... I'm pretty playful and like messing around but when things get out of hand or I have something that needs to be done I get it done. I don't wait around and do nothing.

What would you do in a situation of server/website spam or raid?
Well first thing I would probably do lock the channel so the spamming would stop. if we have a bot on the server that I could use it to mass delete the shitposting and then start banning them.the  invite that they are all coming off of ill go in the settings and expire it (I forgot whats its exactly called but I think u guys know what I'm talking about). I doubt anything would happen like that though because Cheese seems like he would be very picky about who gets invites like that though. *also if I have to file like something like a report before i do all this stuff I would.

How would you handle this scenario?
"You have 3 individuals arguing about the server rules. One individual is excessively cursing, bringing one of the individuals down. Another is clearly trolling. The last is 100% accurate with the server rules."
Explain the steps you would take to deal with this situation.
I would warm them to stop, if they don't stop I would punish them either muting them or kicking them. if they keep going on and being disrespectful to people I will ban them. that is if I'm allowed to ban him I would suppose.

For further investigation, you have started to gain activity last week, but have joined the server last month (mistaken from joining dc and dc server) so I need to know you a bit more though  Dodgy
2: You will need to work on being more active in the community and show leadership skills.
    DOJC Moderator
[Image: giphy.gif]
3.5: I've known you for a pretty long time now, and I'm basing my rating partly on that. You're very talented, and mature. That being said, I've never actually seen you doing any bit of staffing work, and I'm not sure if your claims would hold up. With that said though, seeing how I know you, I do trust that you wouldn't be too out of order.

Currently not in need for more staff atm.

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