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[DENIED] Staff Application ~Austin (Young Pilot)

Young Pilot

Age : 16

I have not been in the server for very long but I love the concept and I know I am going to be sticking around for a while

I am interested in being a staff member because I want to help make the server a more structured and better place. I think it is a great idea. Being able to consult other musicians and play with other people is incredible and I want to help make it as good of an experience as I can. 

I was an administrator on my friends Discord server. It was significantly smaller, 50 - 60 people. But I enjoyed it a lot. 

I would say that my maturity level is a solid 8. I can still have fun and what not but I would much rather be serious and work collectively towards a more enjoyable community. 

I would contact the other staff members and follow out the appropriate consequences for the people involved. 

In this situation I would mute the individual who is using excessively foul language, albeit temporarily if this is the first offense. I would then explain the correct rules to everyone. The person who is trolling would be muted until appropriate punishments have been decided.

You seem like a good candidate, although you've only been on the server since July 26th. That's only two weeks. That's a little early to be applying for a staff position Smile. Definitely considerable for the future though!
    DOJC Moderator
[Image: giphy.gif]

Not in the server for 2 weeks.

Currently not in need for more staff atm.

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