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[ACCEPTED] Staff Application

My discord name is cherry#9999

I am 16 years old.

I have been in DOJC for about 7 months and I have been on discord as a whole for about a year.

I am interested in being a staff member because I have a passion for music and I love this server with all of my heart. I have spent so much time on the server and I would love to be able to bring all of my new ideas to the server and try my best to improve and make the server as best as it can be.

I was the owner of a server of around 175 members before I deleted it. The server became dead sadly.

I would rate my maturity level at about a 7. I have had small issues with my temper in the past, but I have many coping skills I use to battle my anger. I would describe how mature I am as I know when to have fun and when to be serious. I love jokes but I know when people are being serious and when its not the right time to joke. I also handle conflict very well.

If the server or website was being raided or spammed I would simply give a warning to the person, if they don't listen I would let them know I was serious and let them know of the consequences that would happen if they didn't stop. If they wouldn't stop after that I would kick them. If they came back and continued the behavior I would ban them. If it was a raid I would mass ban seeing as raiding is against the rules, and just a nuisance to everyone who is in the server.

How would you handle this scenario?
"You have 3 individuals arguing about the server rules. One individual is excessively cursing, bringing one of the individuals down. Another is clearly trolling. The last is 100% accurate with the server rules."
Explain the steps you would take to deal with this situation.

The way I would handle this scenario is I would make sure that everyone could hear what I was saying to avoid misunderstanding. I would then proceed to let the person who is bringing the individual down that what he is doing is not ok, and that he was straight up violating one of the servers rules and that if the behavior continued I would kick him. The person who was trolling I would make sure that they knew they were causing trouble. If they didnt stop trolling I would server mute them so I could address the person who is being mean. Finally I would make sure that the person who is correct with the server rules knows they are correct and praise them for handling the situation well.

Thank you guys so much for listening to my application,

                                                                            bad ^ singer
                            -iFinchyy was here and he thinks not ^^

                                 -Cherry is back and he does not agree^^^

  -Cheeseboy was here and y u say that? ur an amazing singer :O ^^^^^
Cherry's cool, and I know he's moderated his own serve before, so I think he's fit to be moderator.
- Floofy
Definitely would be a great addition to the staff team! Cherry is fun, mature and gets to business.
    DOJC Moderator
[Image: giphy.gif]

I like you so much, and I am not going to lie. You are an amazing person.
I would have to say judging by you leaving the server and joining back in, kinda kept me skeptical as if I give you mod and 1 month you leave, but just my opinion, doesn't really hurt your score Tongue
5: Probably one of my favorite people in the server, I'd be very glad to see this boi become a staff member.

Details are 10/10 Really think you should be part of our staff team.  Great APP  Smile

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