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Staff Application Template

Please copy below:

Discord Name:

Age (if you're comfortable with sharing that information):

How long have been in the Discord server (DOJC) and/or the website?

Why are you interested in being staff?

Have you had previous experience as a moderator or admin on any server?

On a scale of 1 - 10 how mature are you? Can you explain your level of maturity?

What would you do in a situation of server/website spam or raid?

How would you handle this scenario?
"You have 3 individuals arguing about the server rules. One individual is excessively cursing, bringing one of the individuals down. Another is clearly trolling. The last is 100% accurate with the server rules."
Explain the steps you would take to deal with this situation.

Edited by Cheeseboy: You MUST be in the server for 2 weeks, otherwise you are automatically getting denied.
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