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ve the future to sa

At the age of seventeen, I read a book called "Times for Every Girl's Love." It is called "The Most Beautiful Time". At the age of seventeen, for every girl, perhaps the most beautiful time, because this time There are dreams, love, and hope. At the age of seventeen, probably everyone has set their sights on the person who is shining. Everyone has forgotten himself for the person in his heart. Remember to pay, this is the most beautiful time. After reading this book, I don��t know why my heart is brighter. This is like a huge story drawn from life, and conveys to me the true love, courage and fear in this life. , parting, strong, betrayed and moved. In the most beautiful time of each person's life, there will always be many stories, many people will be met, and many secret heroines Su Man will be hidden from the age of seventeen, when they secretly love Song Song, eleven years of painful attention, chase and wait. She does not ask him to love her, not to ask for results, not even ask him to know. It��s just a long way to collect this bitter but beautiful time, not to abandon life, not give up on yourself, try to make yourself better, and let go when the opportunity comes. After many misfortunes and deceptions and feelings of destiny, finally fate finally fulfilled her positive efforts. This makes the seemingly hopeless pain chase. After the tempering of time, the most beautiful flower is seventeen years old. Maybe it��s not the right person. When you meet it, you may miss it, but there is always someone. Will give you a most memorable time. The ending of Lu Rencheng, the male No. 2 in the book, may be more common in life. I don��t say what I like, I don��t pay for the rewards, I follow the last attachment that I don��t give up. Even if she didn't know his heart, even if she finally took the hand of someone else, she once brought him this youth. This warm and warm time is a beautiful secret of most people, only like Lu Licheng. Generally drowning in time Marlboro Red, it is impossible to flower the result. But it��s true that you have existed in your young years, arrogant, humble and desperate because we are still young, we can write a piece of secret on paper that will be buried by time; we can look up The glowing person walked by, then secretly laughed, because we are still young, so we can pay without regret, we can pursue our dreams, we can complain but never give up the seventeen-year-old time, and we have not been tainted by society. Still as clean as a piece of paper. The seventeen-year-old dream is still full of passion and vitality, and you can have time to chase. The seventeen-year-old sun is still just a good temperature. I can enjoy it from a favorite angle. It doesn't last long. It only takes a short time in life, so I have to cherish it. I hope that I can use a pen to record these wonderful times. When I am old, I can watch it slowly. I will smile with a slight smile. I will thank some of my confidants who met in this time. They will watch me laugh and accompany me crying. Complain about life but also work hard together. We are companions to each other and give each other the most beautiful time Cheap Cigarettes. I will remember the person I have seen in the most beautiful time. Those who accompany each other, laugh and roar. Those who still have the future to say, the old photo of the appointment and the crystal ball with the secret... Although the years have settled, now is the most familiar stranger, and I can no longer see myself in your pupil Newport Cigarettes Coupons. But I am still grateful. The warm memories are that you have left me the most beautiful time. There are always some people who are fixed in time and can never grow old. It��s so good, it��s always time to go back, but the people you think of are still young and have a bright face. Ten years ago, I was too young to understand anything. After ten years, maybe I have been polished by the society and I have learned too much. The most beautiful time is now, is not to return to the age of seventeen, is all my youth met you in the most beautiful years, even if it will spend all my luck, even if there is no beginning and ending, but I learned love, Learn to be brave and persistent, learn to be strong and forget, learn to collect all the way through, and possess these, it is enough to cherish the present, in order to turn the present life into the most beautiful time. The time of life will always leave scars in our soft heart, always let our eyes see the darkness, but it will never deprive me of my smile, and find the courage of light with me.
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