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Walking through the

Walking through the red dust years, but it is the most beautiful in the light, watching the world bustling, but it is plain and true. The faint feeling, the most pure and purest, the most beautiful, faint as blue, fragrant and elegant; faint as water, pure and transparent; faint as tea, fragrant and simple; light as the wind, with the clouds gathered. I like to see a touch of color, smell a touch of flowers, and live a faint life. It��s so faint, the faint friendship is all the same; the faint greetings warm the soul; the faint feelings are conscience; the faint miss is not sad; the faint scenery is simple and elegant; the faint story has a long aftertaste; the faint mood is pure and natural; the faint text Deep into the soul, the faint sunshine is fresh and bright, the faint spring breeze brings the red and green willow, the faint little rain nourishes the earth, and the faint life heart will not be tired. If life is a painting, then plain is the main color of this painting. If life is a song, then the most touching melody will be sung with plainness. The most beautiful life is indifferent Marlboro Lights, and having a plainness has a beautiful If you are alone, you will have a happiness. Life is light and fragrant, and the years are light and fragrant. After the bustling, it will be dull. Happiness is the fascinating life in the ordinary life. I understand that it is a supreme realm of life. It is a kind of expectation for the years. The wind is light and the clouds are light, and the clouds and clouds are indifferent. The heart is as simple as it is, the people are as light as the chrysanthemum, and the blue is in the valley. Lonely and fragrant is indifferent, Mei Kai is even, although lonely and fragrance is also a kind of indifferent, light can be the quiet beauty of the night, the lightness of the snow, the elegantness of the rain, is a unique beauty. The closer you are, the closer you are to nature, the light that blooms in Zen. It��s not that you don��t want to be aggressive, you don��t want to do nothing, but you can afford to take it when you encounter something. It��s a simple taste of life, a happy experience in simplicity, and a romantic experience in plainness. In the indifferent state of mind to pursue, to treat all the life in a calm state of mind, let the heart overflow with peace and sunshine, leaving the most beautiful smile in the plain stream of life Marlboro Cigarettes, a hundred years of life, always going through some things, When encountering some people, life is not perfect, happiness is not forever, and the twists and turns can outline the beauty of life Cigarettes Online, have a light heart, do not like things, do not sorrow, know how to accept the regrets in life, cherish life. Moved, more tolerance, less care, more calm, less impetuous, learn to go with the flow, meet with the peace, laugh at some of the fate of the past life, once you miss it, someti
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