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The swearing swearing

The swearing swearing in the world is mostly bloody, such as the bloody vows under the city, the sand field is broken and the knot is a picture of a strong and strong, only the confession of love is always gentle, especially in literary works, men or When a woman experiences a fascinating love, the hot and swearing vows, the stunned, I want to know the king, and the longevity is endless. There is no mountain in the mountains, and the river is exhausted. Winter thunder rolling, summer rain and snow. Heaven and earth are combined, but dare and stern! "This "Evil" is afraid that all the love vows are the most strange, unless the mountains are no thorny peaks, unless the waters of the rivers are exhausted, unless the thunder is heard in the cold winter, unless the June summer is full of snow, Unless the heavens and the earth meet, I can only be ruined. This is the ultimate swearing swearing love, and the warmth of the hand of "holding the hand, and the old man" is compared with it. Who will take this horrible confession seriously? Shakespeare said, don't swear by the moon, it is changeable. When the enthusiasm burns, no matter what the vows will swear, these flames are more than light. Hot, when you just say it, you will be wiped out. You can��t treat it as a real fire. It��s said to the people who are in the sea of ??love, or the male, or the body, and the same. The fact is that the history of the Han Wu Emperor Liu Che and Chen Ajiao Qingmei, his vows are also throwing the voice "If you get Gillian as a woman, when the gold house is stored. "With Jinwu Xuzhi, when it was a special liking for Gillian. The voice did not fall, the emperor saw the song of Wei Zifu's powdery face and looked at the heart again. He was established as a queen. Gillian sighed a long sigh: "When you buy a lot of money, why do you complain about it? "Who is complaining? Who is complaining? Lonely empty court spring is late. At the time, the emperor's "Golden House" was passed down as a good story, and after the story became a lie, the swearing of the Golden House was a label of love betrayal. Lulu, all the way picturesque, the people who are in love are all in love. The swearing swearing of the love money is like the fireworks. Especially the literati singers often write the love vows as a blooming poppy." Before the pillow, I made a thousand wishes, I have to rest and wait for the green hills to rotten... Beidou returned to the south, and I was unable to take a break, and waited for the three to see the sun. "This is not a clever idea. Its fate and conceiving should be stolen from "The Evil", but the devotees who are loved by the enchanted soup of love, who cares about the above-mentioned talents, they are always intoxicated in "Heaven and Earth, but dare In the wild with the monarch, I thought that the warmth of the "before the pillow" is the pinnacle of love. Even if I turned into ashes, there is a heart that loves you. I am a bright and bright glass, even if it is broken. The films are all loyal in the heavens wishing to be a lovebird, in the land is willing to be the ash, not cold, the feelings are cold, the birds fold the wings, the branches are without texture, the loyalty is broken into a chicken feather, the love turns into a cockroach! The original world swears easy to keep The oath Parliament Cigarettes, especially the vow of love, is the most important. At first it was the swearing words of ��to be rested and to be ruined by Qingshan��. Later, it was reversed by a word of ��repentance��, and it took a lot of money to lose the full moon. Poorness can be regrettable, kinky can regret, even filial piety can be an excuse for repentance. At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Lijiang Xiaojiao Jiao Zhongqing also swears to his wife Liu Lanzhi, Jiao Auntie self-proclaimed "Shi Yi in Taiwan Pavilion", Depending on Lange��s ��people��s jealousy�� and ��rudeness��, the son had to swear to swear his wife under the mother��s arrogance. Lu You? Even though the anti-gold fame became a celebrity, the cousin Tang Yan was a singer and ��Shantou Feng��, but they were The mother rebuked "indulging her husband to learn", which caused Lu You to try three times and could not get a career. The son of Xiaoshun wiped a tear, and the earlier vows became a first beauty in the shackles of the blue light. The poetry of the Han Dynasty is long, Tang Fengjin, Song Feng evil, one after another, extending to the present, encountering love Marlboro Red, will inevitably encounter the vow of love, the speaker, the listener, everything is wrong. When the situation is extreme, both are swearing Consumers, sincerely express their feelings, may not be true, and enjoy the joy, not necessarily do not know that after raising the ear, it still needs to be bearish. It is just dusty, impermanent, perhaps burnout, sleepy, maybe aesthetic fatigue, in Under the temptation of the scenery outside the city, the vows have been eroded into a stone like a egg, so that people no longer believe in love Marlboro Lights, no longer believe in persistence, do not seek forever, only the fast-food so-called love that is in the picture The vows are never the patron saint of love. Love is a wind and snow, knowing the red dust Newport 100S, forgetting that the rivers and lakes are a kind of love, and love is also love. The lasting love can only be cured, and the vows can be heard Cigarettes For Sale. If you are a god, why not become a slang
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