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[ACCEPTED] Staff application.

Saw this up in the discord, had to take a shot. When it comes to staff, people like me are a real good selection. And let me tell you why. So like, i don't do a whole lot, and in turn i'm on my computer a lot, right? Totally gives me a huge opportunity to just staff all day. I own two other discords, one of which for 2 years, so i have a good bit of experience in that division. I personally think i'm a fun guy but you know, i'm not too sure. I'm not gonna say all that cliche stuff that people will say to get staff "ahgh i just want the server to grow, it's my passion." I'm just looking to take care of annoying, trouble making people, while also jamming out and having a good time. 

Discord ID is Discount Dimebag ☭#7316.

Little bit about myself, since i guess if i'm applying you oughta get to know me. I'm 35, born in arlington texas, often times i find myself drinking myself into a mini coma. But like, i think i'm a pretty fun dude, and i can stop a problem as soon as i see it. That's cool and all. Got my first instrument when i was 15 because i begged my dad for it during a concert. That was probably one of the greatest days ever, white Dean ML '89. Pretty sick day. Cheese is daddy.

For once, I can see you as an enforceable moderator, which boosts my expectations at a high reach for shitheads on discord.

The reason I'm giving you a 4 is cause I don't know if you're gonna act like a tombwolf. Not an all round problem, but kinda traumatized by it...

Knowing you, you would make a good staff member

On the worried side of me for the others I feel like you'd mute the kids you don't like at all

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