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[DENIED] Staff sign up

I would like to be some staff as I have been in this server for a while and I have been very active.
I’ve never moderated a server before and I thought that this might be a chance to do it.
I am in the Western Canada time zone and will almost always be online after school.
I will be going away for almost the whole of July so I won’t be online then, but you can bet that I will be back after that. My discord account name is ?JORKLES?
I don’t talk in VC but will willingly play the saxophone for you if I’m available. 
I want this serve to become stronger and more active than it already is.
I had to write this quickly but I know you guys know me well from discord

Your application does seem as par as who you are in Discord, and I see you jamming a lot. However, when you said you will be inactive in July does kinda trow off the score a bit, but you should be fine while getting staff.

Hi Jorkles you're application was amazing, the details were great. I know u,  
your an awesome dude, and definitely trust u. The only thing is if you could talk but it's alright. I give u a 5 Thanks for applying... Good luck Smile  Cool

I don't really know you that well. But i do know your a friendly guy and you play a Belgian instrument so that is for sure a +1.5 . 
I also do see you in the chat a lot, your mee6 score can confirm that.
So would not mind you getting a staff rank.

But remember if you go above me in the mee6 rank i will kick you !

Have fun on the discord  Big Grin .

I know that you are very active in this server and would be a great help to this server as well.
You're very talented and very impressive c;

User is going away for a month

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