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Womens Shane Lechler Jersey

HOUSTON (AP) — The Houston Texans were on a plane returning from their loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday when they learned that Pittsburgh’s loss to New Orleans had clinched their spot in the playoffs.And according to coach Bill O’Brien the team did nothing to celebrate the moment.“We were all watching the film Tashaun Gipson Jersey White , and just trying to be as honest as I can with you, there’s was no reaction,” O’Brien said.Despite this, O’Brien knows that advancing to the postseason after how his team opened the season is something to be proud of.“From 0-3 to where we are now there’s definitely a sense that there were some things accomplished,” he said. “But there’s a lot left out there. We didn’t win (Sunday). We had a chance to really do something (Sunday) and we didn’t get it done.”A win against the Eagles would have given Houston (10-5) the AFC South title. After the 32-30 loss to Philadelphia on a last-second field goal, the Texans need a victory over Jacksonville to win their division, and a win and a loss or tie by New England to get a first-round bye.They’ll try and do that with a team riddled with injuries. Running back Lamar Miller missed Sunday’s game and remains a question mark for the Jacksonville game with an ankle injury. His absence led to another day of struggles in the running game. Alfred Blue and D’Onta Foreman, who made his 2018 debut after tearing an Achilles tendon in November 2017, combined to rush for just 13 yards.“We just haven’t gotten it done,” O’Brien said. “I don’t know what else to tell you. We just have to keep trying to get better.”Star receiver DeAndre Hopkins played despite a gimpy ankle and O’Brien hopes he’ll feel better by Sunday. But Houston will be without receiver Demaryius Thomas after he sustained what O’Brien indicated is a season-ending Achilles tendon injury against the Eagles.The injury to Thomas is a blow to an already thin group of receivers. Houston traded for the four-time Pro Bowler on Oct. 30 after receiver Will Fuller tore a knee ligament. O’Brien wouldn’t provide details on Thomas’ injury, but his comments indicated he wouldn’t play again this season.“Demaryius is a great player, excellent pro, but I feel good about the guys that we have and some of the moves that we may make to help that position,” O’Brien said. “I think we can do some things to take up the slack there a little bit. It will be a loss because he was such a good pro and a mentor — all of those things — but we have to move forward.”One player who could help fill in for Thomas is Keke Coutee. The rookie has played well when healthy Christian Covington Jersey , but has missed nine games, including the last four, with hamstring problems. O’Brien didn’t rule out that Coutee could return against the Jaguars.“He’s a really good player,” he said. “We like him. We’ll just have to see how it goes this week.”On Sunday, the Texans got a big play from undrafted rookie receiver Vyncint Smith, who had just one reception this season entering the game. Deshaun Watson connected with Smith on a 35-yard touchdown pass that gave Houston the lead before Philadelphia’s late field goal.The Texans like Smith’s speed and O’Brien said he’s improved a lot since the beginning of the season. He added that Smith and Watson have already developed a good rapport, despite his limited action.“You don’t make that throw unless you have faith in the guy to make that play,” O’Brien said. “I know D4 (Watson) has faith in the guy to make plays, and that’s big — the trust.”Whoever the Texans have at receiver Sunday, the team remains confident in its passing game because of the continued development of Watson in his second year. Watson has eight touchdown passes with no interceptions in the last five games and has added three rushing touchdowns in that span.O’Brien loves the way Watson has played this season and the leadership role he’s taken on this team.“He makes a lot of great decisions. He’s got good poise,” O’Brien said. “He’s obviously extremely talented. He made so many plays (Sunday) with his feet, he made plays from the pocket. He made plays outside the pocket. He ran. He did everything he could to help his team win.”Some good news on the injury front for Houston is that cornerback/safety Kareem Jackson, who left early in Sunday’s game with a knee injury, should be ready against Jacksonville. It’s Hair of the Dog.Let’s get right to it because I’ve been putting up Christmas decorations all weekend Womens Tyler Ervin Jersey , I’m tired, and I want to go to bed.As always, in finest Hair of the Dog tradition, all swear words have been replaced with the word [kitten] for sanitary purposes.Pregame Thoughts:BFDFirst Quarter:MDCBFDUT(Watson called down on a sack, I assume because someone else was using the refs’ eyes at the moment)UTBFDVegaBFDMDC (to BFD)Vega (to BFD)UT (to BFD)(Texans kick a field goal, lead 3-0.)MDCVegaCapt Ron (to BFD)BFDWestonKenneth L.Capt RonVegaWhy are we giving so much cushion to Robby Anderson on 3rd and 3? I feel like we overthink things sometimes.WestonUTKenneth L.UTVegaKenneth L.(Jets kick a field goal.Game is tied 3-3.)MDCUT (to MDC)Capt RonWestonBFDUTMDCBFDMDCUT (to BFD)Second Quarter:Capt RonWestonUTCapt Ron(Texans kick another field goal, lead 6-3.)UTCapt RonMDCVegaWestonBFDUT:Kenneth L.BFDCapt RonVegaCapt RonUTKenneth L.MDCCapt RonMDC(Clemson Connection for the touchdown.Texans lead 13-3.)UTCapt RonVegaBFDVega(Texans kick another field goal, lead 16-3.)UTBFDKenneth L.UTCapt RonWestonCapt RonBFD(Jets score a passing touchdown.Jets miss the extra point.Texans lead 16-9.)UTWestonVegaHalftime Reactions:BFDWestonBFDCapt RonWeston (to Capt Ron)Capt RonThird Quarter:VegaBFDMDCCapt RonUTMDC (to Capt Ron)Capt RonWeston(Jets score a touchdown, somehow still trailing the Texans 16-15.)MDCBFDCapt RonUT (to Capt Ron)Weston(Watson gets sacked.)UTWestonBFDWestonVegaUT (to Vega)Capt RonBFDUTFourth Quarter:VegaMDCBFDVega(Texans kick a field goal, lead 19-15.)UTBFDCapt RonVegaUTBFDCapt RonUT(Jets throw an incomplete pass.)UTCapt Ron (to UT)(Jets score a touchdown, lead 22-19.)UTVegaUTBFDWestonCapt Ron(Clemson Connection scores a touchdown, putting the Texans back in the lead 26-22.Hopkins potentially injures himself on the play.)MDCCapt RonJeremyBFDWestonVegaWestonUTBFD(Texans score another field goal, lead 29-22.)UT(Texans win 29-22, go to 10-4 on the season with a possibility of getting a bye.)Postgame Reactions:BFDWhat another stupid [kitten]ing game.Capt RonIt should feel better to be a fan of a team with 10 wins in the NFL.Diehard ChrisI just finished the game on the DVR. I have one question. Is there ANY [KITTEN]ING SCENARIO at MetLife Stadium that doesn’t result in an air raid siren??? Capt RonIt sounded like they hammered that horn non-stop throughout the game. How is that entertaining for the attending crowd? I assume it is only used for the Jets (and not the Giants) Womens Shane Lechler Jersey , as if to suggest that there is an imminent threat from the sky to get the crowd pumped up. Honestly, I’d burn my season tickets if I had to live through more than one or two horn blasts per game.WestonI have no idea but it was preposterous. I felt like I was at a rap concert with the air horn going off after every song, which rules, but in this instance, the Jets deserve every bad thing to ever happen to them. Game Balls:Offense - DeAndre Hopkins, who got 10 receptions for 170 yards.Defense - J.J. Watt was in the backfield all day with two sacks, a forced fumble, and 6 tackles on the afternoon.Special Teams - Ka’imi Fairbairn, the true engine of this mighty offense, with five field goals.Have a different opinion about who should get a game ball?Want to see your name lodged forever in the annals of the internet?That’s what comments are for.Get to it!

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