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[DENIED] Staff and pitching of a role!

Hello my real name is Rowan Rookley, I did make another account called Bass_Player but I didn't like the name. Now I have been in the DOJC for quite some time, I think before it started to really blow up. I have made this to apply for an Administrator, and a pitch for the new role.

I want to be an Administrator because I want this discord to grow. I am very active, and I am friendly. I want all the users to have a happy, fun but safe jamming space that is troller free, no exploiters, and no earapers. I believe strongly in music, I love it, I am currently doing a BTEC in it, its like finals, and I prefer punk, or metal, or rock but I will listen to any music, and I will make sure that everyone that needs a role gets a role.

Now the role, as you may know I am from england, I can run jamming sessions when I get home from school, so what I was thinking was that you make a Jamming host role under moderator with shout perms, and perms to move/mute people in the VC's so that there's a jam session, every day or twice a day to keep activity up, I suggest the hosts be people you trust, as in [me Wink]  admins, but only a few. This can keep activity up.

You're a long time user in discord, but not active enough for Staff.

I've never seen you enough to be staff. I also don't really know you as a result
- Floofy
I have never seen you even do i live in almost the same timezone. So your not that active as you say.
So i disproof.
Sorry man.
Hi there you seem to have a good personality but you got a little lack of detail's but it's not that bad. 
Next time try to add a little bit more detail's and be sure to be active Thanks for your application...   Smile

You may be a long time member but then again you're not as active in the server (going into the VC's and Chats).
Maybe if you become a little more active, then MAYBE we'll change our minds. <3

Not enough points to qualify for Staff

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