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HAZCOM supported by Management Business Articles | July 30 Nike LDV Waffle Schweiz , 2012
An effective Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) is based on the credibility and trust of the management team?s involvement with the program.??The administrative staff should fully support and believe in the program established to keep workers safe throughout the course of their work.??The message trickles down from the management team to the employees.

An effective Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) is based on the credibility and trust of the management team?s involvement with the program.? The administrative staff should fully support and believe in the program established to keep workers safe throughout the course of their work.? The message trickles down from the management team to the employees.


Employees should be included in the health and safety decisions surrounding the identification and planned prevention of those hazards.? Any on site difficulties for employees could be voiced by including all or a representative of the employees during the discussion of maintaining safe work environments.? The constant connection and support by management will ensure the Hazard Communication program is given the attention deserved to keep employees safe.


A Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) can evaluate the job site and is trained to identify hazards on the job site.? The CIH will need to go through each station and area that different employees work in, to fully understand and identify each hazard and what is needed to mitigate that hazard.? Any changes in the workplace or practices of the employees should be reevaluated for hazards that are encountered.


The support of management is a key component to an effective and implemented Hazard Communication program.? Employees have a right to understand the hazards they work with on a daily basis and how that substance interacts with different environments.? The Certified Industrial Hygienist can write a very robust and thorough report and visit often for reeducation classes, etc.? The management team must fully support the actions needed in the hazard communication plan.? The management team breeds a culture that radiates throughout the workforce.?


Hazard Communication must be supported and given the attention deserved to keep everyone safe.? The plan should be viewed as a top priority and the expectation to follow any implemented changes should be absolute.? This precedence set by different members of management makes a world of change when employees are taking the additional steps required to follow the hazard communication plan.?


Click here to contact a Certified Industrial Hygienist in your area.? The process begins with a vigorous evaluation and recommendation for communicating the hazards encountered in the workplace.? Materials such as Material Safety Data Sheets must be available for any hazard encountered in the workplace.? The management team should take the recommendations of the CIH and begin to implement the expectation that each employee implement the recommendations every day to ensure safety for themselves and their coworkers.?
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