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DOJC and Donations - CheeseBoy - 07-25-2018

Why Hello Everyone

Man what a long way the community has been. 500 members? damn. couldn't make it that far o.O

Now that I am creating a forum and everything I use to keep the server up and running? Can I have some support to keep the website / ninjam up and running :O

What I am doing now is I'm setting up donation perks. Most Donations will get their names stylized. Both forums and Discord, but forums is better because it's much more customizaable than Discord.
Top Donor will have their specialized name, and especially a colorful name (can't do it in discord cause TOS). Everybody else will have their donor rank/role, but do you have what it takes to be a top donor of DOJC :O :O :O

To join The Donor Squad, simply click on this paypal link:

[Image: btn_donate_pp_142x27.png]

RE: DOJC and Donations - Ramses_321 - 03-04-2019

La verdad que me parece muy interesante. Se puede mantener el perfil activo. Realice un lapso o viceversa .... pero eso ya depende de su actividad en los foros o la manera en que llega un redactar