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Full Version: [ACCEPTED]~~Staff App~~ [REDO]
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Discord Name: Radiance

Age (if you're comfortable with sharing that information): 19

How long have been in the Discord server (DOJC) and/or the website? I have been in this server since February 28th, 2018

Why are you interested in being staff? 
   I've noticed that our server has been under-staffed for quite a while now and I have always felt like I can bring new ideas to this server to advance it to the next level. I want to see our server progress and try to make it an official discord jamming server.

Have you had previous experience as a moderator or admin on any server? 
   I have very little experience on moderating/admin on a server, coming from being dev on my own server.

On a scale of 1 - 10 how mature are you? Can you explain your level of maturity?
  I would have to say that I am a 9. I'm not exactly sure on how to explain it, but I can handle what someone throws at me in a calm personality.

What would you do in a situation of server/website spam or raid?
  I would seek out the spammers/raiders and likely give them a warning. if it continues, I would mute them.

How would you handle this scenario?
"You have 3 individuals arguing about the server rules. One individual is excessively cursing, bringing one of the individuals down. Another is clearly trolling. The last is 100% accurate with the server rules."
Explain the steps you would take to deal with this situation.
(Ive been told by many that I'm a pretty persuasive person)
1) I would pull the excessive curser into a separate call and figure out what his problem is. I would help his situation, but notifying the server admin/dev about this problem, and come up with a reasonable solution.
2) I would then pull the troll into a call and let them know that what they're doing is wrong and they should not be making another member angry for any reason. We are all here to have a good time but trolling is never the way to go.
3) the last guy, ( 100% rules member) I would let them know that they did good, but next time to notify a mod/admin of any situation that is getting out of hand.
4) If this situation became known to the whole server, I would possibly make an announcement that is pretty cliché, "@everyone If you have a problem with someone else, don't take it out with them on our server, take it to dm's."