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Snow fluttering in every corner of the city, I stare at the side of the sky, standing still for a long time, I don't know if this is a kind of mood, maybe a kind of concern, maybe a kind of sustenance, maybe some People��s blessings, at this time, my heart is filled with sorrow and bitterness. Maybe snowflake is the sad tear of angels. When a piece of snow falls on oneself, I can feel his heartache. Today is a small year. Maybe how many people are happy and reunited. To be honest, I am somewhat jealous and helpless. According to customs and habits, when the firecrackers think of it, the parents who are like me, drifting in the opposite side, what kind of emptiness, we are saying, Mom and Dad, I am very busy. This year, I can't accompany you to go home for the New Year. It seems to us that it is just a reassuring word, but it is a sting in their hearts, because we are all concerned about them Wholesale Cigarettes. Sometimes we lose our love because of our busyness, but when you are a mom and dad Cigarettes Online, I am going home, but they are looking forward to it for a long time. When you push the door open Newport Cigarettes Coupons, you will know the moment you enter the house. The love for us has gone beyond the distance. Looking at the delicious table full of dishes, your master feels a touch of salty taste against your heart. It is a kind of happiness, a love, you may not have thought of knowing The moment you go home, they are already preparing some things that you love to eat for you. Maybe those things are not so much valuable, but when they are integrated into their own unadorned love, it is difficult to buy. I can't find a little answer, maybe for a new dress, a pack of candy, some lucky money... Gradually, I grew up, and I walked out of the house, thinking that I wouldn��t have that feeling, but every time I went there. At the end of the year, my homesickness was even heavier. When I was anesthetized with alcohol at midnight, I was lying on the bed quietly, looking at the bright lights outside the room. The tears had passed through the corners of my eyes and gently started. In his mind very familiar with the phone, the microphone came the familiar voice, I broke down in tears, that moment I really really understand why after hours oh so fond of the Chinese New Year. Dad, Mom, I miss you, please forgive me for my filial piety. I know that you are very lonely and lonely now. I don��t want to say some empty cheques to you. At this time, the most important thing for the level assassin is that Mom and Dad, I miss you. Everything is good, don't worry about it, so you don't have to be sour, happy to spend every day, I will, I will take care of myself, I only hope that you will be happy and happy every day. Frozen, don't stare out. I know how you stand at the intersection and think of my figure. Every time I go back, I only have a few more footprints. I know that you miss me, I am the same, if you are In this way, nothing will force my heart to be more painful, even more sad. Maybe you will feel that whenever this time my phone greetings are replaced with SMS greetings, because I will not lose control, your Hengying will make me completely heartbreak you At this time, I am afraid to hear your voice. I am afraid that I will cry on the phone. I love you, so I don��t want you to see my sadness. Please forgive my selfish blessing, wish it. I will put my TOEFL infinite blessings to the moon, tomorrow, tomorrow I will be dependent on the depth you do a filial child, believe me.
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