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Full Version: 6/26/2018
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So much updates, but lemme start off with the Server itself
  • Made a VPS to cut the budget of the stuff I have
  • Binded Forums, Music Database, and Ninjam Server together

  • Created Staff Sign-Ups for future Staff like you
  • Created Music Database, for Producers who wants to be noticed
  • Created Report Staff forum. 
  • Increased File Upload Limit to 128mb for uncompressed lossless WAV file goodness :O

  • Added #awesome-servers (used to be #partnerships)
  • Added :floofy: emoji

  • Newly added into the server:
  • Real Time Jam using Predictive Latency
  • High Quality Jams
  • ASIO Drivers Needed or just use an audio interface
  • Use Ninjam w/ JamTaba (what I use)