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Full Version: Discord Offline Jamming Center and Tombwolf
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Hello everone,

So yesterday, tombwolfs discord got raided yesterday as for what I heard, leaving to his discord full of spam. and I can guarantee that it's one of my people on the discord.

So again, like I said in #announcements please don't attack tombwolf, yes he's a child and everything for being demoted to mod then leaving then making a big deal just cause it's "not jamming anymore" but I don't want to attack him cause that's his fault

However, it's nice to see that the TTS issue from him wasn't the only reason why he got demoted, so what he used below is like saying "oh I used that, I know what I did wrong, but I am still going to complain" and it was funny how cody called him out on why he got demoted cus I did give him chances to stay as admin but blew ever single chance. Sometimes I played around with him, but in my mind, demoting was the best option cause it made the server got better, besides the whole sestral situation, I can see the discord server going just fine.