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Full Version: FAQ about DOJC
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Q: What does DOJC stand for?
A: DOJC stands for Discord Online Jamming Central

Q: What is the purpose of DOJC
A: It's main purpose is to provide others that are musically skilled to play with others using Discord without using such program that requires ASIO drivers. It is also very easy to use and set up your equipment so others can hear you. And also, DOJC can also help you musically and also stand you out what type of instrumentalist are you. 

Q: Discord is not as good as it sounds
A: I understand that, and I come to your path. This is the reason why I have provided channels with different bitrates for what others are going to be using the channel for

Q: What are the bitrates of each channel
A: Lobby: 32kbps, Public Jamming Rooms: 64kbps, Studio Rooms: 96kbps

Q: Does discord support ASIO drivers?
A: Unfortunantly, discord doesn't support ASIO drivers. 

Q: Why does discord doesn't support ASIO drivers?
A: Discord is meant for simplicity when it comes to audio drivers. Not everyone would want ASIO drivers for just chatting. 

Q: Discord has a 1/4 second latency. Why is that
A: This is due to the route of your computer to the servers to others. I know. I have that problem to. Which is why there might be a Ninjam Server for complete realtime jamming. ASIO drivers needed though.

Q: I want to donate to Discord Online Jamming Central 
A: Well you can Donate here. It really means a lot and it keeps us running where we are today  Big Grin